Way of the Superior Woman?

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Deida does a great job exploring what it is to be a positive man based on the divine masculine, but only indirectly touches on the feminine counterpart of that, a kind of two dimensional tantra / dakini archetype. What can you say about the Superior Woman? Is it too politically incorrect a subject? Or, are there no women out there who know in a way that it's possible to constructively talk about it? (I doubt that, there are certainly at least a few superior women in the world). What can you say about the Superior woman? What characteristics does she have, and what characteristics does she forgo?
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    Sat, June 14, 2008 - 3:06 PM
    There is no doubt that there is a superior woman or just a realized woman,
    and there are tons of books and experts and ideas on the subject.
    Deida's work focuses on his area of specialty, which is the masculine.
    There may be some in here who can comment on your question, but to be clear
    focusing on one's primary modality, if in this case it is masculine
    is whole-y healthy especially if it is done so integrating how it relates to its corollary
    in this case the feminine, which Deida also does well.

    So it is certainly in no way politically or in any other way incorrect to talk about something
    so essential and prevalent and certainly not as you rare as you suggest.
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      Sun, June 15, 2008 - 12:25 PM
      Deida most certainly does address the traits and concepts of the embodied feminine (what you are calling the "Superior Woman"). I find his work to be focused just about equally on both polarities (masculine/feminine). Though there is an overtone of mens work in his content at times the work is geared toward a shared experience between two polarities.

      To address your question specifically, the traits exhibited by a fully embodied feminine person include feeling "in your body" and exhibiting it to the world in your interactions as a gift to all living things. This manifests itself in posture, adornment, physical presentation, poise, vibe, energy, words, and the art that you create with your interactions and with your body.... and lots of other ways that would take a long time to list. Another trait of the embodied feminine is worship of the masculine depth of consciousness - that is... to actively encourage the depth of the masculine consciousness to come forth in the intimate interactions between the two people (or two polarities). This manifests itself in showing the pain felt when he does not become fully present and conscious in her presence, crying, showing her (or the feminine) darkness despite her fear of driving him away when he sees it, and doing it out of her worship of his depth. There's lots more, of course, but this is a brief response.

      The embodied feminine ("superior woman") offers this as a gift to her partner because she worships his (or the masculine's) depth of consciousness and wants nothing less that the best he has to offer (which she knows better than he does).

      L8R ::: adam.